Independent Surveillance of Assessment

CIGA-ISA is now live

Login details will be sent out  to members on the 1st September – If you haven’t received yours, email for set up information.

CIGA is now launching a dedicated Independent Surveillance of Assessment Platform for members  CIGA-ISA. This will provide installers with a streamlined approach to fulfilling Independent Surveillance needs under PAS2030-17.  CIGAs fully compliant offer will provide access for installer members and their assessors to lodge assessments and receive a 4 day turnaround providing the confidence that the properties being installed are fully suitable and have received independent assessment by CIGAs team of desktop auditors and site inspectors.

To fulfil requirements of PAS2030-17 the system will provide a 100 percent desktop audit with 1 in 10 properties receiving a physical on-site assessment.  Rates for assessment will be fixed at £10 with properties that are referred receiving a free assessment should the issues highlighted subsequently be correctly addressed.