Meet Our Inspectors

A CIGA inspection will always be prearranged with you through the head office. All Inspectors will carry a CIGA proof of identity, will introduce themselves and talk you through the inspection process. Homeowners who have any doubt as to the legitimacy of anyone presenting themselves as a CIGA employee should not allow them into their home, prevent them from carrying out any inspection works (which depending on the nature of these works may invalidate the guarantee) and contact the CIGA main telephone number 01525 853300 to confirm the identity of the individual concerned.

Please be assured that when responding to a concern either a CIGA representative (as shown below) will be in attendance, alternatively a representative from the system designer company will carry out an inspection. This will have been prearranged with you, no inspection will be carried out without prior arrangement.

CIGA Inspectors

John Campbell – Head of inspections & Technical Manager

Ron Fenwick – Head of Certification

Jason Goldsmith – Senior Quality & Compliance Regional Inspector

Tony Smith – Senior Quality & Compliance Regional Inspector

Guy Ritson – Senior Quality & Compliance Regional Inspector

Craig Samuel – Regional Quality & Compliance Inspector

Ben Menzies – Regional Quality & Compliance Inspector

Lee Cox – Regional Quality & Compliance Inspector

Phil Hughes – Regional Quality & Compliance Inspector