Advice and help with reporting a concern

Advice and help with reporting a concern

  • We aim to provide a straightforward and helpful way to resolve any problems you have with cavity wall insulation installed in your home. It is of course your choice if you feel the need to obtain independent advice before raising a concern but it is not necessary for you to obtain legal advice or to engage the services of a claims handling company simply to start the process of investigating your concern.
  • If you need any specific assistance in raising your concern or to deal effectively with CIGA at any point please let us know so that we can make appropriate arrangements to meet your needs. For example you may wish to nominate someone else to act on your behalf‘ We have a policy on how we support vulnerable consumers and you can read a copy here: CIGA Vulnerability Policy
  • However you contact us please let CIGA know your daytime telephone number and an email address if you have one so that we can contact you if we need to arrange an inspection of your property
  • It is not essential for a copy of the Guarantee or any original documentation from the installer to be provided to us to investigate your concern, although the more information that is available the quicker any concerns can be investigated and resolved.
    Please note – CIGA is becoming ever more vigilant in ensuring that we have secure measures in place to protect our guarantee holders and we take identity theft very seriously. Unfortunately, we continue to have a number of approaches from unscrupulous companies claiming to be the homeowner to secure guarantee data. To make sure that we really are speaking to you about your property we ask that you provide 2 documents as proof of ownership when querying any guarantee information. E.g. if a guarantee exists for the property or to report a concern. (1 document must be a current utility bill)
  • The Guarantee relates to the property so remains valid if there are subsequent owners or occupiers of the property. It is not necessary to advise CIGA of a change of owner or occupier for the Guarantee to be valid.
  • Any concern under the Guarantee must be notified to CIGA within 25 years of the installation date – so check the date on your Guarantee beforehand.
  • The costs of any inspections and visits carried out by your installer or CIGA are met by us.
  • Refer to CIGA’s procedure on reporting concerns for a detailed breakdown of what to expect

Difficulties tracing an installer?

If you cannot find any information about the installer named on your guarantee it is possible that they may have moved address or are no longer in business. CIGA can help you to confirm this. If the installer is no longer a member of CIGA or has ceased trading your concern will be investigated by CIGA as a first step.

CIGA’s Complaints Process

We are committed to providing a quality service; however, we acknowledge on occasions things can go wrong. If we do not meet your expectations and you are dissatisfied with the service provided, then we want to know. Most complaints stem from a lack of communication or understanding of the remit of the guarantee. Find out more