Consumer Update

Who is at your door?

2nd November 2017

Recently there have been disturbing reports of individuals door knocking and claiming to be representatives of CIGA.

A CIGA inspection will always be prearranged with you through the head office. All Inspectors will carry a CIGA proof of identity, will introduce themselves and talk you through the inspection process. Homeowners who have any doubt as to the legitimacy of anyone presenting themselves as a CIGA employee should not allow them into their home, prevent them from carrying out any inspection works (which depending on the nature of these works may invalidate the guarantee) and contact the CIGA main telephone number 01525 853300 to confirm the identity of the individual concerned.
Should it transpire that they are not a CIGA employee but have fraudulently served to represent CIGA then you are strongly advised to inform the local police providing as much detail as possible as this could be an attempt at theft or identify fraud.

Please note CIGA will not turn up at your home unannounced and one of our staff will always contact you to make an appointment. For more information on how to protect yourself and your home click here.

There have also been cases where householders have been contacted by phone from individuals claiming to be from CIGA. Telephone contact from CIGA will only be made after contact has been initiated by the householder. CIGA will not make cold calls.  If you are unsure end the call and contact or call 01525 853300

Consumer Security

19th October 2017

Due to an increased number of approaches from fraudulent companies claiming to be the homeowner to secure guarantee data, and those using objectionable behaviour purporting to provide claims management services, CIGA has taken the decision to introduce additional security checks to ensure the homeowner’s information is protected. CIGA want to ensure the homeowner is clear as to the support and cover they can expect under the CIGA guarantee which serves to provide redress when there is a problem with an install or materials associated with cavity wall insulation and the installer is no longer trading or able to fulfil their obligations. More specifically CIGA wish to clarify that the guarantee provides for remediation of directly associated damage and not compensation for loss or indirect/incidentals.

Moving forward CIGA will continue to effectively process complaints where the homeowner is in possession of a guarantee. However, with immediate effect, homeowners that request a duplicate guarantee or data relating to the guarantee will require proof of residence at the property and in the case of third party representation, written consent from the home owner providing permission for representatives to act on their behalf. Searches for guarantee information will be dealt with as a request for a duplicate guarantee, which will be sent direct to the homeowner and will incur an administration fee of £10 including VAT in all cases.  Information relating to the guarantee will not be provided over the telephone

CIGA wish to clarify that it denounces the practice of giving false expectations to homeowners by misrepresenting the redress available under the terms of the CIGA guarantee. The guarantee exists to service claims in materials and workmanship and for directly attributable costs and is effective when the installer is no longer trading. CIGA will always look to service the guarantee in a fair and transparent manner and will seek legal and/or regulatory body redress against companies or persons serving to fraudulently claim against the guarantee.