Frequently asked questions

I’m not sure if I have a CIGA guarantee what should I do?

Contact CIGA by email 

Do I need to have a copy of my CIGA guarantee to raise a concern?

No you don’t need to have a copy of the guarantee. If you have concerns about your cavity wall insulation and it is covered by a CIGA guarantee see ‘How to raise a concern’ for the next steps. If you have any questions about your concern email

CIGA is becoming ever more vigilant in ensuring that we have secure measures in place to protect our guarantee holders and we take identity theft very seriously. Unfortunately, we continue to have a number of approaches from unscrupulous companies claiming to be the homeowner to secure guarantee data. To make sure that we really are speaking to you about your property we ask that you provide 2 documents as proof of ownership when querying any guarantee information. E.g. if a guarantee exists for the property or to report a concern. (1 document must be a current utility bill)

I can’t find the original CIGA guarantee and I want to get a replacement copy, what should I do?

Contact CIGA by email For security purposes you will need to provide proof of ownership. In the case of third party representation, written consent from the home owner providing permission for representatives to act on their behalf. There will be a fee of £48.00 including VAT.

I have a query/ concern and I’m not getting an answer when I call. Why can’t I get through?

Unfortunately CIGA is currently experiencing a high volume of calls that are largely companies attempting to instigate bogus claims. This has resulted in our telephone lines being clogged however CIGA are working with Trading Standards, Action Fraud and other government bodies to address this problem. CIGA will also be carrying out works to introduce additional telephone lines.

To help us deal with your query efficiently you can email CIGA with insulation concerns to or for any other guarantee query email

If I have Cavity Wall Insulation does that mean I will automatically be covered by a CIGA guarantee?

No, your insulation may be covered by another guarantee provider.

Other guarantee providers of Cavity Wall Insulation

I have problems with my Cavity Wall Insulation but my installer didn’t register for a CIGA guarantee even though they were a CIGA member at the time. Can I get a guarantee now?

CIGA no longer issue retrospective guarantees on installations carried out between 1995 and 1st January 2012 where an installer has not applied for the guarantee. Previously CIGA would issue a free guarantee and carry out works under that guarantee. This was on the condition that the Installer was a member at the time and the production of certain evidence was available.

This was a practice unique to CIGA and no other guarantee provider and by no means a requirement.

It is appreciated that a number of homeowners will have had their property insulated on the understanding that they would have been issued with a 25 year guarantee however due to the practice of installer companies offering alternative guarantees and not making payment for a CIGA guarantee it is no longer appropriate to service claims when a guarantee has not been purchased. (Please see the list above for alternative guarantee providers)

CIGA recommends that any householder that does not hold a CIGA guarantee and wishes to seek redress should first check their property against other guarantee providers. If there is no guarantee contact their local council’s Building Control, the Energy Regulator or the Citizens Advice Bureau for guidance.

I want to sell my house and can’t find my CIGA Guarantee, what should I do?

CIGA can provide confirmation of cover or a duplicate Guarantee for sellers who have not been able to produce the original Document. Find out more about Change of Ownership

I have had insulation installed and want to renovate my home e.g. new windows, extension etc. Will this affect my insulation?

Before you have any work carried out on your home it is always worth taking the time to go through a few checks on the company due to carry out the work. Poor workmanship can result in damage to your property and the insulation resulting in your CIGA guarantee being void. Find out more

How do I make sure that the insulation in my home is working effectively?

Keeping your home in good condition will mean that your insulation works effectively and keeps your home warm. Find out more about looking after your property after cavity wall insulation has been installed.

I have cavity wall insulation and I have condensation/ mould in my home, does this mean I have problems with my cavity wall insulation?

Not necessarily, find out more on recognising the causes of and how to remedy condensation problems

I think I have a problem with my insulation and have been told I can claim compensation, should I sign up?

Although the promise of compensation may sound enticing, Trading Standards and CIGA would urge consumers to consider this route very carefully and thoroughly research the company offering their services. Find out more about cold callers and claims companies

We are aware of a number of homeowners who may have a genuine concern and have engaged with a claims company.  We are also aware that in a number of cases nothing has been done to correct or report any directly attributable damage in excess of 12 months after the point of notification to the claims company.

Please be aware, where CIGA can evidence that the homeowner has been aware of a problem and CIGA has been prevented from engaging and investigating, with a view to offering a remedy, claims may be rejected on the basis that the homeowner has allowed the problem to worsen.

Someone has come to my door saying they are from CIGA but I haven’t contacted them, is this right?

No – Recently there have been disturbing reports of individuals door knocking and claiming to be representatives of CIGA.

A CIGA inspection will always be prearranged with you through the head office. All Inspectors will carry a CIGA proof of identity, will introduce themselves and talk you through the inspection process. Homeowners who have any doubt as to the legitimacy of anyone presenting themselves as a CIGA employee should not allow them into their home, prevent them from carrying out any inspection works (which depending on the nature of these works may invalidate the guarantee) and contact the CIGA main telephone number 01525 853300 to confirm the identity of the individual concerned.

You can find a page with identification of our inspectors here.
Should it transpire that they are not a CIGA employee but have fraudulently served to represent CIGA then you are strongly advised to inform the local police providing as much detail as possible as this could be an attempt at theft or identify fraud.

Please note CIGA will not turn up at your home unannounced and one of our staff will always contact you to make an appointment. For more information on how to protect yourself and your home click here.

There have also been cases where householders have been contacted by phone from individuals claiming to be from CIGA. Telephone contact from CIGA will only be made after contact has been initiated by the householder. CIGA will not make cold calls.  If you are unsure end the call and contact or call 01525 853300