Our Consumer Champion

In May 2015 CIGA appointed a Consumer Champion, Teresa Perchard.

The Consumer Champion holds CIGA to account to deliver for consumers. She:

  • Sits on the CIGA Council (governing body) and brings a consumer voice to the Council, recommending improvements in policies and procedures where needed;
  • Keeps in touch with consumer groups;
  • Can take up individual complaints with CIGA if they are taking too long to resolve so as to make sure complaints are properly dealt with;
  • Can recommend that disciplinary action is taken against installers.

The Consumer Champion is going to undertake a thorough – and open – review of the way that complaints are handled now. This will look at how things are done, find out whether consumer complaints are being handled properly and if not recommend improvements, for example to the time that is taken to sort out consumer problems. Members of the public, consumer groups and stakeholders will all be invited to give their views. The review is expected to conclude in Autumn 2015 with a report and recommendations for change.

Individual complaints and the Consumer Champion

It continues to be the responsibility of installers and CIGA to deal with any complaints effectively. The CIGA Guarantee also provides a route to alternative dispute resolution. The membership rules for CIGA registered installers expect them to resolve complaints within two months. If they do not do so the consumer can then approach CIGA who will consider the matter.   Information about how to make a complaint can be found here.

The Consumer Champion will normally only become involved with individual complaints after the installer has been given an opportunity to put things right, and the complaint remains unresolved after it has been referred to and considered by CIGA.

In some cases CIGA is entirely responsible for responding to complaints where an installer is no longer in business. In these cases CIGA has two months from the point of receipt in which to consider and seek to resolve complaints before the Consumer Champion would become involved.

The Consumer Champion regularly reviews CIGA’s complaints statistics and can look into any individual cases which are taking too long to resolve.

The Consumer Champion can be contacted at consumer.champion@ciga.co.uk