The Benefits of Insulation

6 million homes in Britain have now had cavity wall insulation installed, and it’s easy to see why – it’s the smart way to save money.

The Government regards cavity wall insulation as one of the most effective energy savings measures that most people can carry out on their homes and apart from saving money it’s a major contributor to reducing emissions of carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas.

What’s more, millions of homeowners will tell you that insulation is quick, simple and mess free to install, and cavity wall insulation is a safe reliable system that has been used for many years and has a proven track record. In the unlikely event of a problem occurring the CIGA 25 year Guarantee ensures that access to specialist technical help and assistance is available to provide complete peace of mind.

External walls account for 35% of heat loss from the average house, and studies suggest that every square metre of Cavity Wall Insulation will save more than a tonne  of Carbon Dioxide over the average life of the building. For a semi detached house with an external wall area of 80m2, this equates to savings of 80 tonnes or more.


With an uninsulated cavity heat can easily escape meaning it requires more fuel to maintain a comfortable temperature.

The insulation present in a filled cavity reduces this heat loss, making the house warmer or reducing the amount of fuel required to maintain a comfortable temperature.


Around 5 million homes still have empty cavities that could have CWI installed, allowing the occupants to enjoy a warmer and cheaper to heat house. Various Grants and schemes are available to help with the cost, so there really is no reason not to benefit from a warmer and cheaper to heat home by contacting a CIGA Registered installer.