Performance Targets – FAQs

What are CIGA’s Performance Targets?

Following a review of the current customer journey, CIGA has identified 8 key touchpoints in the journey that it intends to measure performance against. It remains CIGA’s commitment to continuously improve service delivery and these targets will serve as drivers to ensure a prompt and professional delivery of service.

Why are you introducing new Performance Targets?

CIGA’s vision is to provide a top class customer service and a sustainable future by ensuring that the highest professional standards are delivered throughout the cavity wall insulation industry. To manage our customers’ expectations CIGA has introduced these targets to ensure that it can be held accountable and there is consistency and transparency in every claim dealt with.

When will these targets take effect?

CIGA has been running pilot test runs against these targets over the last few months. They formally take effect from Friday 1st of September 2017.

My existing case has taken longer than these new targets. How do I benefit from these?

CIGA has been working in earnest to ensure any pending claims are not left in limbo. Should your claim be experiencing inordinate delays please contact our customer service team on 01525 853 300 or email for assistance.

What redress do I have if these target are not met?

CIGA will aim to meet these targets, though it is accepted that there may be circumstances where this may not be possible. If you do have any concerns with the time your case is taking, in the first instance you may contact our Customer Service Team on 01525 853 300 or email You may also request a review of your matter by CIGA’s Head of Customer Service or ultimately its Chief Executive. They can also be reached by either marking for their personal attention via email or post to CIGA at CIGA House, 3 Vimy Court, Vimy Road, Leighton Buzzard, LU7 1FG. A response will be provided within 5 days of receipt.

Finally, you may request a review of your claim by the Customer Service Committee. You can find out more information here