BBC correction relating to CIGA

Negative publicity produced by the BBC and programmed widely on BBC Radio 4, BBC News Channel and BBC Radio 2, Wednesday 22 July 2020 has now been addressed by the BBC following a justified complaint from CIGA.  The piece was disappointing in that it was a biased and poorly edited story relating largely to Mr Gavin Ward as well as alleged technical expert information that between 800,000 and 1 million cavity walls had been poorly installed.  As a result of this coverage CIGA and The IAA submitted a formal complaint to the BBC and Ofcom highlighting the way in which the story had been edited to mislead consumers.

Following two strongly worded letters to the BBC, which included distribution to Ministers, CIGA received communication from the BBC regarding the complaint on the coverage of Gavin Ward’s case.

CIGA have now received a positive result that acknowledges their coverage was inadequate and therefore did not reflect the situation accurately.

Please see here our follow up complaint and their response.

‘In the light of your detailed reservations about our coverage however, it is clear that Mr Ward’s case was disputed at every turn and in retrospect we accept that we should have found a way of reflecting more of the background on air….’

BBC site publishing their corrections