CIGA Press Release – CIGA and KIWA BDA Installing System Confidence


CIGA and KIWA are delighted to announce a new spirit of collaboration reflecting their shared focus on professionalism and ensuring that Cavity Wall Insulation Systems and installations are of the highest standard.

As a result of the co-operation System Designers will have more choice and Installers will have access to a streamlined process whereby CIGA recognises KIWA BDA System Assessment and KIWA recognises CIGA Certification of installers against PAS 2030 as meeting the BDA Agrément® Assessment and Surveillance requirements.

CIGA continues to recognise approval and certification under the BBA assessment of surveillance of CWI installers scheme, in addition working with the KIWA BDA provides an alternative product certification route for System Designers with an equal level of assurance and certification. Building on the technical strengths of KIWA BDA as a product certification body and CIGA’s 20 years’ experience of providing Guarantees and carrying out assessment and surveillance of Installers homeowners can be confident that KIWA BDA Assessed Systems are fit for purpose and installation will be completed by competent Installers.

This co-operation builds on other initiatives such as CIGA’s requirement for all property assessments to be subject to Independent checks meaning that Cavity Wall Insulation remains one of the most cost effective and reliable energy efficiency measures available to households to combat increasing fuel bills and help millions of households in fuel poverty to stay warm.

Nigel Donohue the Chief Executive Officer for CIGA commented:

“It gives me great pleasure to announce that CIGA will be working closely with KIWA BDA to provide an enhanced service that will benefit both members and consumers. CIGA are aware of the challenges that System Designers and Installers face in today’s industry and this arrangement plus our existing agreement with the BBA provides the most comprehensive offering for the industry. Working closely with KIWA BDA will provide a complete end to end service that will offer strong support to businesses, improve standards and continue to have the consumer interest at heart.”

Chris Forshaw for KIWA BDA commented:

“There is a natural synergy in the way CIGA and KIWA BDA work, in that both organisations strive to ensure rigour and quality throughout their assessment and monitoring processes at all times. Both organisations are dedicated to driving up quality and standards and we hope that the more formal alignment of our principles will reassure both specifiers and end-users of Cavity Wall Insulation that they can rely on a well-managed and thorough process.”


For more information on how you can benefit from CIGA and KIWA BDA Agrément® and Installer Certification contact CIGA on 01525 853300 or email