Independent Arbitration – Dispute Process

Independent Arbitration is available under a dedicated scheme operated by the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR). An independent Dispute Resolution Body approved by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute.

In order to refer a case to ADR the steps are as follows:

  • CIGA issues a final decision on your case
  • If you are unhappy with the outcome then you have 12 months from the dated letter outlining CIGA’s findings to refer the matter to ADR.
  • In order to refer the matter you must request an Application form from CIGA and submit the completed form to CEDR together with a fee £100 plus VAT and supporting documents including:
    • the nature and basis of the concern;
    • the nature and extent of any remedy sought if known;
    • supporting documents relied on as evidence;
    • confirmation that all reasonable efforts have been made to resolve the dispute through the registered installer’s complaints procedure;
    • confirmation that the dispute has been escalated to CIGA and remains unresolved or that CIGA has issued a deadlock letter.
  • CEDR have 2 to 15 working days to check that the case is eligible for referral and to advise all parties that an application has been received, including the Application and any evidence provided.
  • The installer or CIGA then have 15 working days to submit a defence or confirm that the case has been settled.
  • A copy of the defence will then be sent to you and you have 10 working days to comment.
  • The case will then be referred to an arbitrator, who has 20 working days to reach a final decision on an award, which may for example require:
    • The registered installer to issue an apology to the customer;
    • The registered installer to complete specified works to rectify a defect in the materials or workmanship or damage that directly results from a defect;
    • The registered installer to pay a nominal sum (capped at a maximum of £100.00) to recognise a poor standard of customer service.
    • The registered installer to reimburse the arbitration fee to the customer.
    • The customer to pay any outstanding amounts to the registered installer.
  • The parties have 20 working days to comply with the terms of any award.

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Please note – Applications are only valid when the reporting procedure has been followed. Applications made before these steps have been taken will not be processed.

CEDR can be contacted at:

Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution
70 Fleet Street
United Kingdom

Telephone: 020 7520 3800
Fax: 0845 1308 117
Textphone: 020 7520 3767